Traditional Marketing Is Dead

More and more businesses are realizing that the traditional advertising methods (YellowPages, TV, Radio, and Newspapers) that worked in the past, simply are not working any more.

Consumers now do all sorts of measures to block out all the noise that barrages them daily. They use TiVo, DVR’s, Satellite Radio to skip commercials. They use caller id to avoid cold callers. They ignore print ads, and even if they read them, they don’t believe what they say anyway.

People use Google and their mobile phones, instead of the Yellow Pages, to find local products and businesses. Marketing as you know it is as good as dead.


Consumers Are Changing

Today’s consumers are busier and more impatient than ever before. They are also jaded and they no longer believe or trust advertisements – they’d rather ask their next door neighbor, friends or family what they think about a product, service or company.

Your customers are also getting more and more savvy, they are use to searching the web for the best deals and reviews about your product or service. They use social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, to ask their social friends and learn more about your company.

They are not just looking for a product or service; they are also looking for social proof that they should buy YOUR product or service. People buy from people they Know, Like, and Trust!


So What Now for Businesses?

Interrupting people and shouting our generic messages to as many people as possible and hoping some of them buy your generic product no longer works. So what can you do? Well, here is the short answer

  1. Target a specific group of people whose problems you can solve. Join or build a community of these people. Listen to what they have to say. Engage, enthuse, empower and add value to them.
  2. Deliver messages for them that are compelling, relevant, valuable, useful, amazing.
  3. Make it super easy, fun, and even rewarding for people to interact with you and ultimately to want to pass your message on to others.
  4. Rinse and repeat.


Your Challenge as a Business Owner

The challenge you face today is not, “how do we get the most people to buy my product?” but “how do I really listen enough to people so that I am able to serve their needs?”

The challenge you face today is not, “how do we invent a story that will make more people buy?”   but “how do we tell our true story and still be able to create something of real value?”

Our real challenge is listening more to people, not shouting at people. Our real challenge is about being authentic enough and being willing to connect and share as much value as we can with those we have chosen to serve.

If you can do all that and use the right tools in the appropriate and timely manner then you need not worry about making enough sales, because the market will find you. And they will buy from you again and again!


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