7 Ways To Use Facebook Ads To Grow Your Local BusinessThere are over 1.3 billion active daily users on Facebook.

Did you know the average person uses Facebook more than 8 times per day and spends on average more the 30 minutes on Facebook a day?

No matter if your business is a beauty salon, restaurant, dentist, chiropractor, yoga studio, gym, landscaper, or any local business…. your ideal customers are on Facebook just about every day.

There is simply no better way to promote your business than with Facebook Ads… why you ask?

Why Facebook Ads Are Perfect For Local Businesses?

  • Small Budget – you can easily get started with a small budget (even as low as $3-$5 per day).
  • Easy To Change and Scale – you can quickly change, stop or even increase the budget on campaigns (much different than billboard, radio or TV)
  • Social “Word of Mouth” – Your customers can easily share your ad and help promote your business to their family and friends. I am sure you have had a friend share a Facebook post with your before, but have you ever had a friend share a billboard with you?
  • Most Advanced Targeting Platform – With Facebook you can easily target your most ideal prospects. For example, own a yoga studio, you can show your ad only to people in the area who are into yoga. This way you don’t have to pay to show your ad to people who may never be interested in your product or service.
  • Target Residents or Visitors – If your business primarily deals with local residents you can target them by city, zip code or radius around a particular place. But if your ideal customer may also be someone who is visiting your area, you can specifically target those visiting your city.

Ok, so now that you understand why Facebook ads are great for your business, let’s look at five different ways you can use them to promote your business.

7 Ways To Promote Your Local Business With Facebook Ads

#1 – Offer A Discount

Remember that people are not on Facebook to necessarily buy, so offering a great discount or promotion is a great way to catch their attention and get them to take action

If you are a local bar or restaurant, this could be promoting your happy hour discounts or a free dessert offer or a birthday special to those who have an upcoming birthday (yes can can even target only those people who have a birthday coming up).

Free Meatballs - Restaurant ad

Free Birthday Dinner - Restaurant Ad

If you are a local service provider (dentist, gym, chiropractor, etc.), you could promote a “super special”.

sample yoga ad

sample dental ad

The point of these ads are to give away a super deal to acquire a lifetime long customer who will use your services again and again.

#2 – Promote Educational Content

Creating fantastic educational content for your ideal customer will always be appreciated and help to build that know, like and trust factor with your future customers.

This strategy works really well in professions where research needs to be done or some trust needs to be established before using your product or service.

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This also helps you stay top-of-mind for your potential customers.

For example if you are a realtor, many people may not be ready to sell or buy a home right now, but these kind of ads below remind them who you are and provide great content for them also.

education content sample ad

education content sample ad

The key with these ads is just to offer useful, education content for free to your ideal customers.

#3 – Retarget Your Recent Website Visitors

Have you ever been on a website and then the next time you are on Facebook, you see an ad for that same company? That is retargeting and you can do the same thing for your business.

Retargeting your website visitors is one of the easiest and highest ROI ads you can run. This is because these people have already investigated your business and are actively in the market for your product or service.

In order to retarget, you will have to have the Facebook pixel installed on your website. Here is a recent blog post on how to add it to your website.

Here are some examples of retargeting ads from other businesses:

example retargeting ad

retargeting example ad

#4 – Run A Contest Or Giveaway

Everyone loves a good contest or give-away. You can use a contest on Facebook to build your email list and/or generate social buzz (likes, comments, shares).

The key to running a good contest is to give something away that relates to your business and make it an awesome giveaway to generate buzz.

In other words, if your business is a beauty salon, don’t give away an iPad… give away gift set of beauty products or a free hair cuts and styles for a year.

contest ad 1


#5 – Promote Video

Video is one of the quickest ways to build that know, like and trust factor with your potential customers.

Whether it be standard video or Facebook Live, an effective strategy is to promote with ads a recent video you have done for your business.

Video allows you to easily build a warmer audience of prospects who have viewed your video to later re-target with a different ad.

They key to this is to start with a video that is either educating, entertaining or fun. Here are some ideas fro your video:

  • A behind-the-scenes look at your business
  • A video slideshow of some of your products
  • Quick tips or answers to frequently asked questions
  • A new service or offering
  • Something “funny” going on in your business

Promote your video with a video engagement ad. Here are a couple examples:

kay jewelers video ad

example video ad

#6 – Call Out Your Audience

Calling out your audience is one of the best ways to get people to stop scrolling through their feeds and read your ad.

You are much more likely to notice and pay attention to an ad that has the name of the city you live in within the ad.

local faacebook ad1

local facebook ad

#7 – Use The Boost Post

Today with Facebook, your organic posts don’t get nearly the reach they use to. Using the boost post option is an easy way to get your posts seen by more people.

While you don’t want to boost every post, it is worth while boost some “select” posts.

Here are some ideas of posts to boost:

  • a post that is, or has received in the past, a good number of likes, comments or shares
  • a post announcing some news or a special you really want to be seen
  • any post just to remind your audience who you are and to stay top-of-mind for their future needs

For example:

boosted post example 1

boosted post example 2
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